Best Places to rent 2-bedroom Apartments in Dubai under AED 70k?

Which are the Best Places to rent 2-bedroom Apartments in Dubai under AED 70k?

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to finding an economical two-bedroom apartment in Dubai

Dubai has a wide range of housing options, ranging from cozy studios and low-maintenance one-bedroom apartments to opulent mansions and opulent penthouses. Two-bedroom flats in Dubai are yet the popular choice for families looking for a place to live.

In Dubai, you may find a wide variety of affordable two-bedroom flats. Renters looking for larger apartments will have more choices in the New Year. We've compiled a list of the best places in Dubai to locate a two-bedroom flat for under AED 70k.




Average Rent


Al Nahda

AED 47,000


Bur Dubai

AED 65,000


Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

AED 65,000


Al Warqaa

AED 45,000


Dubai Silicon Oasis

AED 58,000



1.     AL NAHDA

Al Nahda, one of Dubai's most well-known districts, tops our list of the finest places to find a two-bedroom apartment to rent. Al Nahda is an excellent option for renters looking for a large apartment in the middle of the heart of Dubai. Residents of this sought-after enclave enjoy a low cost of living and a family-friendly atmosphere.

However, the low cost of living in Al Nahda does not detract from the high quality of life offered by the community. Facilities like gyms and swimming pools are common in most of the buildings in this neighborhood.

A wide range of neighboring services, including grocery shops, parks, and health care facilities, make this neighborhood self-sufficient.

Al Nahda is a popular choice for families with small children because of its proximity to several schools. In addition, Al Nahda residents wishing for 2 bedrooms apartment for rent in Dubai should expect to pay around AED 47k per year.


2.     BU DUBAI

Bur Dubai, a neighborhood known for its family-friendly and economical apartment rentals, is the next most popular place for renting two-bedroom homes in Dubai.

The neighborhood, which is a part of Old Dubai, is home to many facilities, including schools, shopping malls, parks, and an abundance of cafés and restaurants.

In addition, you'll discover specialty shops from throughout the globe. Many medical facilities may be found in the city's bustling Bur Dubai district.

Bur Dubai's accessibility to the rest of the city is another significant benefit of residing here. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the heart of Downtown Dubai. Apartments in Bur Dubai with two bedrooms rent for, on average, Dh65k per year.



Jumeirah Village Circle, a suburban neighborhood in Dubai, is another beautiful place to rent a two-bedroom flat for less than AED 70,000.

For its cheap and family-friendly atmosphere, this location has attracted many renters. However, the suburban lifestyle offered by this neighborhood sets it apart from the others on the list.

To have 3 bedrooms apartment for rent in Dubai at JVC means being surrounded by lush greenery and enjoying a serene atmosphere!

You may expect to pay an average of AED 65k for a two-bedroom apartment in JVC, but there is an enormous supply of apartments that are even more affordable. Take a look at some of the JVC floor designs and pick a layout that appeals to you to locate the alternatives that best fit your needs.


4.     AL-WARQA'A

Due to its proximity to schools, Al-Warda’a is a fast-growing neighborhood attracting a growing number of homebuyers.

Different levels of buildings are part of this location. It is accompanied by the small independent shops and restaurants dotted around the base of every development. Al Warqaa has a wide selection of two-bedroom flats for less than AED 70k.

The price to have apartment for rent in Dubai in the average range is as affordable as the AED 46k.



The final item is on the list of the best places to rent two-bedroom flats in Dubai, Silicon Oasis, a relatively recent neighborhood. DSO is one of Dubai's most sought-after areas for apartment rentals and purchases.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a great place to raise a family, thanks to its accessibility to schools and higher education institutions.

Dubai Silicon Oasis rents two-bedroom flats for an average annual cost of AED 59k. You can also choose this place to find studio apartment for rent in Dubai.


Which districts in Dubai are best for renting a two-bedroom apartment?

There are several famous places in Dubai for tenants seeking two-bedroom apartments beside the five on our list: Al Qusais, Al Barsha, and Dubai. Two-bedroom apartments in Al Qusais cost an average of AED 48,000.

Al Barsha's average annual rent for a two-bedroom flat is AED 66k. Lastly, Dubai is an alternative worth considering because 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai are available for AED 46k per year.


Where can you find a family-friendly property in Dubai on a tight budget? 

Families renting in Dubai may choose from various neighborhoods that are perfect for them. Family-friendly apartments in Dubai Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeirah, and Bur Dubai are highly demanded.

Our list of the best places in Dubai to get a 2-bedroom apartment for less than AED 70k has ended. Bur Dubai, an excellent place for families, is only one of many options available around the city, as is JVC, a suburban sanctuary.

If you're still undecided about where to rent in Dubai, check out Waperty right now and get an idea about best places to rent houses or apartments in Dubai.

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